All SandX instructors ("Xstructors") are certified to teach SandX programs. They all must take a certification course - where they learn about the human body and human movement - and how exercise in sand affects the body's nervous, musculoskeletal and arthrokinematic (joint) systems. The foundation of all SandX programs is the SandX Protocol (SP). All Xstructors master the SP concept and structure, and along with their complementary professional designations are fully qualified to teach SandX programs - both indoors and outdoors.

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Chantal is of the unwavering belief that exercise can provide older adults with the ‘freedom’ to live an independent, healthy life. Chantal is a trained Seniors Fitness Instructor through the Canadian Centre for Activity and Ageing.  She has a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from the University of Western Ontario, with an emphasis on Health Promotion and the Physiology of Ageing. Chantal is excited to be certified to teach the SandX MX program as it aligns with her belief that strength can increase one’s ability to perform not only simple activities of daily living but also the freedom to enjoy other life enriching activities such as sport, hobbies or social and community undertakings.




Aida is very excited about exercise in the sand. As a mother of 3, staying healthy and active is a priority for her and her children. 

In her words: "Having family in Florida, I often went to the beach but only recently discovered yoga in the sand. And that lead to bigger and better things. I came back and told Dr. Gus how great it felt both physically and mentally to be outdoors while exercising in the sand. That lead to further discussions about the new SandX programs.   After attending Andrew's classes to participate in Sandx classes, I realized the ongoing benefits of this new form of exercise. As a result, I decided to join Andrew's team and continue to share my excitement with others.  So join me!"



Michael brings a wealth of professional and athletic experience to SandX. Michael is a ACE certified Personal Trainer, with specializations in Spinning, Core conditioning and Exercise ball. He also specializes in care and fitness for seniors. He has a Personal Support Worker designation (Niagara College), as well as a college diploma in Recreation and Facilities Management (Humber College). Michael also has over 35 years of experience in the sport of volleyball (indoor and beach) as competitive player, coach and official. "Coach Mike" lives a healthy lifestyle and has made it a life mission to help others.